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We decided to start a blog, and hope you will stay with us on this journey. We will write about all the cleaning topics pertinent to the professional carpet cleaning business, plus tips and advice for you, our customers.


Black mold in the house: why is it dangerous?

Mold is almost synonymous with damp, dimly lit areas like attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere that has experienced flooding. Unfortunately, black mold can pose immense danger to those suffering from allergies and asthma.
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Green Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Burke, VA

Professional organic carpet cleaning in residential and commercial places. UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke provides you with the best eco-friendly cleaning services in Virginia.
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Best ways to clean upholstered sofa/couch/chair

With our experience as professional upholstery cleaners in Burke, VA, we have some information you can use.
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How To Clean A Rug Professionally

Learn more about professional rug cleaning, the UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke way.
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