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I'd like to clean my carpets and air ducts. Which should I clean first? Can you clean both at the same time? And how long would it take?

Yes, UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke can definitely clean your carpets and your air ducts at the same time, however, that requires for you to schedule both carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning at the same time you make your appointment. If it's done at the same time, the best way to normally go about it is to start with the air ducts, and after this heavy duty process of eliminating the dust deposit and various allergens from your air ducts, and only afterwards to follow up with the carpet cleaning service, so that we make sure to get as much dust and dirt as possible out of your home. For a standard 1000-1500 square foot home, such a service will take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours.


I have pets and young children. Are your cleaning products safe to be used around them?

Absolutely. We insist on using only Green cleaning products, which are non-toxic, Eco-Friendly cleaning products. Those are completely safe for babies, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and pets to be around at all times. UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke never compromises when it comes to the well being of our customers and the environment.


I need my upholstery cleaned. I have mostly microfiber furniture, but also a beautiful velvet chaise lounge, and my favorite leather recliner. Can you take care of all those different materials?

We will do a fantastic job for you on all of these of upholstered pieces, no matter the fabric or material. Whether it's your microfiber sofa set, your delicate velvet chaise, or your prized leather recliner, your upholstery will be in great hands with us. Our professional technicians will examine your pieces thoroughly and custom tailor the cleaning treatment for each individual piece of furniture. Once we're done with that, we also offer top of the line upholstery protection. We carry the most trusted brands of protectants in the market, including Teflon and Scotchgard.


I just had a water damage situation. My kitchen pipe burst and flooded our apartment. What should I do first?

First, don't panic, you need to think straight. Now go to your main valve and close it, you need to stop the water from running. Contact a professional water damage restoration company that can get to you ASAP and let your insurance company know about what happened. Now, you need to relax a professional help is on the way.


What is the difference between the on-site rug service and the off-site service?

Whether you prefer to have your rug cleaned at home or you would love to send it out and returned to you clean, our professional rug cleaning service will give you excellent cleaning results. The main difference is that for some extremely delicate rugs, we feel that the best care can be given off-site. There are also times when the cleaning can't be performed at your location - if all you have is hardwood, we won't clean the rug there because the moisture could cause serious damage to your floors. We will gladly take your rug and deliver it back to you cleaned, with no delivery fee. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we'll make sure your rug is cleaned to your complete satisfaction.

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