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Mattress Cleaning in Burke

All mattresses have dust mites and allergens and it doesn't matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress. Your mattress will always have debris that accumulates because you are regularly using your mattress. We all spend a great portion of our lives on our mattresses and organic materials like dead skin cells, dust, pet dander, food spills, sweat, and other things will build up over time. When a mattress is left uncleaned, various health issues might arise such as allergies and respiratory problems. Cleaning your mattress yourself might not be effective because you might not have the right equipment and expertise to get the job done well. At UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke we always know the right cleaning methods for your mattress.

The Cleaning Methods We Use For Mattress Cleaning

As mattress treatment experts we use various upholstery cleaning methods to ensure that your sleeping environment is fresh and clean. We do mattress deep cleaning or steam cleaning depending on the condition of your mattress. We take the time to look at your mattress before the cleaning process begins, to make sure we are aware of all issues. We always check for tough stains and note the best methods of removing them to ensure the perfect result when the work is finally complete.

What Is The Process For Mattress Cleaning?

Our years of experience with home services has allowed us to develop an effective mattress cleaning process for our clients minus any excessive use of cleaning products. We also opt for safe cleaning detergents to ensure that your mattress smells fresh and is comfortable to sleep on.

This is what happens when you hire us for your mattress treatment job.

Step 1: Inspection

We must have a look at your mattress and decide on the best cleaning method to get it effectively cleaned. We check for stains and how dirty it is to help us decide on the best approach.

Step 2: High-power Vacuuming

We do this to remove any loose dirt, dead skin, dust, hair, and other unwanted things on the surface. This paves the way for the effective cleaning that comes later. We have powerful vacuums to ensure that this process is thorough.

Step 3: Stain Removal

By now we have all the stained areas marked and we have the best stain removal agents to treat these areas. We get down to the process of stain removal until your mattress is stain-free. Besides, mold stain removal on the mattress is included in this step.

Step 4: Steam Cleaning

We then do a steam clean where hot water extraction is done. This process will get rid of any ingrained dirt or bacteria lurking within the mattress. We get the cleaning done deep into the mattress fibers. We have the most powerful steam cleaners that will do a perfect job.

Step 5: Air Drying

This is the final step where we allow your mattress to air dry completely. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming in your mattress.

Why Choose UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke

  • We have fully trained, certified, and professional mattress cleaners.
  • We have invested in heavy-duty mattress cleaning equipment to ensure effective mattress deep cleaning.
  • Our services are available 24/7 for any emergencies that crop up.
  • Our cleaning agents are eco-friendly and safe for family and pets.
  • We get the job done the same day and you can sleep on your mattress that night.
  • Our mattress cleaning price is also very affordable. We offer these affordable prices to ensure all our customers get the opportunity to have their mattresses cleaned and live healthier lives.

You must get your mattress deep cleaned once every year or twice if pets and children sleep in your bed regularly. Call UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke today and book your appointment or get a free estimate. Our helpful representative will gently guide you through the steps and answer all your questions.

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