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Rug Cleaning in Burke, VA

We don't let anyone walk over us - But we clean your rugs after they have taken some knocks.

Beautiful rugs add color, personality, and style to a home or office. They make a place look professional, warm, and attractive - whether they get used as ornaments or to cover the floor. Thing is, over time these magnificent pieces can start to look dusty, tired, and limp. Limp and tired rugs and carpets can make your business or home take a few steps back; by looking unkempt - in need of some TLC.

You might even have looked at them and Googled "how to clean an area rug" a few times, or even "rug cleaning near me". If you need a local professional rug cleaner, UCM Cleaning Services Burke is just around the corner from you.

You can check our blogpost about tips for professional rug cleaning here.

Advantages of Professional Rug Cleaning

There are advantages in bringing in the pros - take a look:

  • Get the best rug cleaner experts. We know everything there is to know about rugs and how to clean them beautifully and safely. Our techs have the experience to take one look and know precisely how to deal with your rugs, depending on the type, fiber, and soiling. We will bring them back to their glory days.
  • You will protect your rugs from damage: When you spend big bucks on magnificent rugs, like Persian rugs, etc. then you want to protect their value. Dirt can wear away at the rug's fibers, destroying them over time. Our professional technicians will clean your rugs thoroughly, getting every ounce of all the dirt and grime out that has worked its way into those rich fibers. The level of cleanliness that we give your rugs protects them and keeps their overall value intact.
  • It's much more hygienic: As rug cleaning professionals, we've got all the right equipment and tools on hand to get your rugs clean. If you were to need to clean them yourself, you might have to go out and buy special shampoos and special equipment and then still not be able to achieve the right outcome. Because we leave your rugs 100% cleaned, your home or office interior air quality also improves. It's because all unhealthy pollen's, dust, and pet dander and human wear and tear have gone; it will be like starting new all over again!
  • Naturally, you will get improved freshness and comfort. Your rugs are going to feel more comfortable, softer, and certainly smell better. If your rooms have had a pervasive unpleasant odor for some time, it could well be the rugs to blame. The professional rug cleaning machines penetrate the fibers in the rug and get to the root of the odors. But better still, environmentally friendly products are used which reduce exposure of harmful chemicals and fumes. Don't worry about your furniture and equipment around the place; we are very careful and respectful towards them.

Excellent Cleaning for All Rug Types

We clean all kinds of rugs at our rug cleaning service, and we know that these can consist of many different fabrics. Whatever your needs at home or office, be it Persian rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, or fur; we have a trained team to offer professional rug cleaning services. It doesn't matter whether it's for domestic use or commercial use, with such affordable prices, you will wonder why you ever considered doing the job yourself in the first place. We also offer:

Our team comes and first inspects the rugs to decide what the appropriate cleaning methods are, and we will discuss with you any problem areas or spots that deserve special attention. After our inspection, we know what cleaning process to start with. Cleaning can be performed on site, or UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke also offers free pickup and delivery of your rug for cleaning at our facility. We always adhere to health and safety standards.

You'd be amazed at what cleaning can do

How would you like it if we could revive your beloved rug so you don't have to go out and buy new rugs? We know the best way to clean a rug, period. Once we've performed our wonders on your rugs, take care of them till we see you again in a year or so:

  1. Vacuum regularly.
  2. Get the spills treated as soon as possible.
  3. Try and avoid wearing dirty shoes on the carpets.
  4. Add rug protectors such as mats, etc.



  1. How much does rug cleaning cost?

    We don't have fixed prices for rug cleaning at rug cleaning in Burke, VA. However, we offer a free estimate to our clients. Just call us or fill in the form on our website for a free estimate. The good news is that our rug cleaning prices are competitive and the best in Burke, VA.

  2. Is it worth getting rugs professionally cleaned?

    Absolutely. Getting professional rug cleaning protects your rugs from damage. Dirt wears away the fibers of your rugs, but our professional rug cleaners will remove all the grime and dirt from the fibers. Professional rug cleaning is hygienic because we have the right cleaning supplies to bring back rugs to their former glory.

  3. What equipment do experts use to clean rugs?

    We have all the right rug cleaning equipment and tools to get your rugs clean. You don't have to buy special equipment and shampoos and still fail to achieve the desired outcome. We have professional rug cleaning machines that can penetrate the fibers to get to the root of dirt and odors.

  4. Which is better - deep or steam cleaning rugs?

    Our team visits your premises and inspects rugs to decide on the best cleaning method. We will discuss with you any stains or problem areas that require special attention. We decide the cleaning method to start with after inspecting. The rug cleaning in Burke, VA, offers pickup and delivery services and follow safety and health standards.

It's no good sweeping all your problems and dirt under the rug, eventually, they come out - and we will be there to help - call us today at 703-842-1376 to schedule your rug cleaning.

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