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Top 5 Best Ways To Clean Your Upholstery

From slouching on the couch until midnight to binge-watching shows, our upholstery fabric gathers tremendous dirt and dust throughout the day. Amidst all the activities we perform on them, it's a no-brainer that they will contain many pollutants over time. That is why cleaning your upholstery professionally time and again is a good practice. It not only helps preserve the comfort of your favorite fabric but also maintains its beauty.

That is why we have come up with a few amazing carpet and upholstery cleaning tricks to achieve this for your home. Let us take a look at them to understand how we can indulge in the best cleaning services without worrying at all.

What Cleaning Methods Do We Use For Upholstery Care?

Fresh upholstery cleaning can help increase its lifespan to a dramatic extent. It also makes them healthier by warding off germs that accumulate on them. Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, such intricate cleaning measures are crucial to protect your family.

  1. Shampoo Cleaning

    An innovative dry shampoo technique is used in this process to eliminate dirt particles. The drying time for this process is typically low, and it also suits most fabrics without a second thought.

  2. Dry Cleaning

    In this process, a chemical powder cleaning is used to sprinkle on the fabric to remove the stain. Then, the powder vacuums up, and your carpet couch cleaning is successful.

  3. Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

    High-temperature technology is utilized to remove dust and other unhealthy particles sitting on your upholstery. It removes excess moisture to eliminate all of them and reduces fabric shrinkage ultimately.

  4. Deep Cleaning

    This intensive cleaning takes out all the stops to get the dirtiest upholstery sparkling clean.

  5. Foam Cleaning

    Amidst all cheap sofa cleaning services, foam cleaning is highly regarded. A foam solution is applied by hand on your upholstery without any water. You have to leave it on for some time to remove all the dirt and stain. The result is a fresh-smelling sofa that looks as clean as ever.

What Is The Process Of Upholstery Cleaning?

The processes involved in upholstery cleaning are simple, quick, and effective. If you desire professional upholstery cleaning service results, choosing and upholstery cleaner who will follow these steps will help.


To help engage in proper couch cleaning, a fabric specialist will help you identify the fabric and fiber used in it. They will help you to select the appropriate process for your upholstery cleaning needs based on the type of fabric.

Color Fastness Test

Knowing the safest and most affordable upholstery cleaning is a significant advantage. The technician will test the desired method on a hidden area to make sure that the dye does not run.

Pre-condition Fabric

Before the soil extraction process, a pre-conditioner is applied to the fabric to loosen the soil. This makes the furniture and upholstery cleaning an easy process. This also helps maximize the effectiveness of the next step.

Soil Extraction

Now, the suspended soil is extracted from the fabric being cleaned with specialized equipment that both rinses the fabric and sucks out the water. This cheap sofa cleaning service makes it look fresh and ready.

Fabric Drying

Now, when the fabric is cleaned, top-notch drying methods are used to decrease the drying time. This helps reduce the time for your upholstery care but still makes it perfect.

Final Inspection

A final inspection is conducted to make sure the furniture cleaning service meets your approval.

Why Should You Choose UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke?

Local sofa cleaners may not provide the best results as they lack high-end tools for a safe upholstery cleaning experience. With UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke, you do not have to worry about this at all.

With their best way to clean upholstery furniture, UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke provides treatments that are tailored to your upholstery needs. They also use non-toxic, green cleaning solvents to keep them as safe and fresh as ever.

They offer their expertise in various cleaning methods, mainly rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and even water damage emergency restoration. So, you can rely on them for other related services as well. More importantly, their sofa cleaning service price is quite affordable. So, you can opt for them without thinking twice.

Professional leather sofa cleaning may not always feel like a safe option, but with UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke, there is no need to worry about it. You can count on their variety of cleaning services to have your upholstery looking brand-new in no time. So, do not wait.

If you want to get your hands on the best furniture cleaning service, connect with them right away. Check out our website at and give us a call at 703-842-1376 for the best clean you've ever seen.


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