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Water Damage Restoration in Burke, VA

Water damage is like tooth decay. What starts as a minor problem can turn into a major issue if not treated. Immediate attention will make it shorter, easier, and less expensive to repair. UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke proudly offers NOVA residents and businesses 24 -hour emergency services. With one phone call, our crew will arrive promptly at your location to immediately begin restoring your home or business from the aftermaths of fire and flooding. Not only do we have the knowledge and equipment to handle small and large restorations, but we also understand that we have another role to play. There are a lot of emotions that come out with property damage, but we are here to support you every step of the way. We are also happy to help you with your insurance claim, for a seamless and smooth restoration.

Recovering from Water Damage

Though every damage scenario is a little different, the main priority is to make sure that the property gets dry again ASAP, to avoid the complications of mold and microbial growth, and the secondary damage mold can cause. Since mold can start to grow within 24-48 hours of wet conditions, the sooner we can start the better chance we have of preventing mold altogether.


The UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke water damage experts arrive at the location. We inspect all damaged areas to discover the scope of the damage to devise the correct restoration plan.

Water Extraction

Sitting water is removed with professional water extraction equipment. The more water that is removed initially, the faster the area will be able to dry.

Structural Drying

We place industrial strength drying equipment and dehumidifiers strategically, to aid evaporation and reduce humidity.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Professional cleaning for carpets, rugs, upholstery and other water damaged items. Sanitizing makes sure that bacterial growth is held at bay and the complete area that was damaged is completely safe.

Rebuild and Restoration

UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke returns water damaged properties to their original conditions. We fix dry wall, install carpet pads and carpeting, and give everything a fresh coat of paint.

Flood Damage Pro

Call the Emergency Hotline 24/7

UCM Carpet Cleaning Burke provides service all year long, and for faster emergency services we've also teamed up with Flood Damage Pro - Emergency Water Damage Restoration. With Flood Damage Pro's assistance, we're able to provide professional restoration, fast response time and most importantly - 24/7 response, 365 days a year.

We work with your preferred insurance company and will provide any estimates required. The job will be performed by certified IICRC restoration technicians, who will make sure to not only get your life back to normal but also make sure you don't suffer any after-effects like mold by performing a thorough inspection for mold, taking samples for mold testing and if needed they will provide mold removal.



  1. How much does water damage restoration cost?

    There are no fixed prices for water damage restoration. We have flexible prices for our services, as they are tailored to what exactly needs to be done. You can get a free estimate by filling the form on our website or calling us. Please book your appointment with water damage restoration in Burke, VA, after getting a free estimate from us.

  2. What equipment do our experts use to repair water damage?

    We use professional water extraction equipment for water extraction. Once the area dries up, we use industrial-strength drying equipment to assist with humidity, evaporation, and reduction. We also have other specialized equipment for cleaning and sanitizing an area after water damage. We also repair drywall with our equipment.

  3. Can mold from water damage make you sick?

    Yes, mold can make you sick if you don't fix the consequences of water damage. You require water damage restoration immediately after floods, burst pipes, or roof leaks to prevent mold growth. Treat water damage before it becomes a major issue. We offer emergency water damage restoration in Burke, VA.

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